NHDOT Consultant Notification e-mail System


Dear NHDOT Consultant Community:

The Department has developed a new consultant notification e-mail system that you should be aware of. Currently the individual (limited to one person per firm) listed on your firms SF330 receives all e-mail notifications of solicitations for letters of interest, procedure changes, rule changes, etc, issued by the Department. This also means that only those firms on the Eligible Consultant List receive these notifications.

The new system allows anyone to sign up for the notifications, including multiple people from any firm. This should ensure that the appropriate people at the firm receive these notifications and not just the person on the SF330.

The link to this new system can be found at: http://maillist.nh.gov/list/dot_consultant_notifications/?p=subscribe&id=1

Please pass this on to appropriate staff within your firm. If you are receiving this e-mail you have automatically been added to the new notification list. If you wish to unsubscribe there is an option available at the bottom of the link.

Thank you,

NHDOT Consultant Committee