Snow Melter Installations Project

Snow Melter Installations Project

Engineering is the science of controlling the forces of nature and materials for the benefit of humankind and the art of organizing and directing human activities in connection therewith. Consulting engineering refers to the services performed by professional engineers in private practice in terms of the design, construction and operation of various structures, devices and works useful and necessary to our daily lives.

The firms who are members of the American Council of Engineering Companies of New Hampshire (ACEC-NH) have a principal business practice of consulting engineering.


ACEC-NH: Who We Are
ACEC-NH is the leading business practice and policy advocate for consulting engineering firms in New Hampshire.

Snow Melter Installations Project

Snow Melter Installations Project

ACEC-NH’s member firms, provide services to all segments of society, including federal, state and local government, private industry and the general public.

  • ACEC-NH was formed in 1980 as a nonprofit, voluntary, self governing organization
  • ACEC-NH represents more than 50 statewide consulting engineering firms dedicated to the private practice of engineering
  • ACEC-NH is affiliated with a broader national organization, the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) that represents more than 5,500 consulting engineering firms nationally


National Affiliation to ACEC
ACEC-NH is a member of the National American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC), the largest national organization of engineers engaged in the practice of consulting engineering. ACEC National’s office is located in Washington, DC. ACEC National represents 51 states; numbering more than 5,000 firms; employing 300,000 design professionals; responsible for more than $100 billion of private and public works engineering annually.


Our Services/Benefits

  • Snow Melter Installations Project

    Snow Melter Installations Project

    Through the years, ACEC-NH has taken an active role in the New Hampshire Legislature monitoring engineering related legislation and taking action as necessary to protect the public interests and the practice of engineering.

  • Monthly, ACEC-NH sponsors breakfast meetings with speakers ranging from State offices, the NHDOT and NHDES to State and National politicians, to business and independent leaders.
  • ACEC-NH conducts an annual Engineering Excellence Awards Program. All entries from the Engineering Excellence Awards Program are exhibited throughout the state every year, promoting the excellent work of New Hampshire’s Consulting Engineering community.
  • ACEC-NH members participate on committees that affect business issues with the NHDOT and NHDES. We host professional seminars, coordinate with ACEC National in Washington D.C., are members of the NH QBS coalition and participate in February’s Annual Engineer’s Week and Annual Dinner, including selection of Engineer and Young Engineer of the Year.

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