ACEC-NH Committees

Exterior Petroleum Storage Tank

Exterior Petroleum Storage Tank

ACEC-NH offers its members a wide variety of coalitions and committees tailored to the special interests of its members. Below is a description of each. Please feel free to request that one or more people from your firm be assigned to these groups. In fact, active participation in ACEC-NH’s coalitions and committees will dramatically increase the return on your dues investment in ACEC-NH. If you don’t know which group would best serve you, let us know your interests and we will introduce you to the group that matches your interests.


Below is a list of Key Standing ACEC-NH Committees

  • ACEC-NH Board of Directors – Sets policy for the organization and manages the association’s affairs.
  • Government Affairs Committee – Provides advocacy direction and guidance for the development of the governmental affairs programs of the Council.
  • NHDOT CQI Committee – Meets with state Department of Transportation to discuss contract provisions and improve quality.*
  • NHDES CQI Committee – Meets with state Department of Environmental Services to discuss various departmental initiatives and improve quality.
  • Public Relations Committee – Working to improve the public perception of consulting engineers.
  • Engineering Excellence Awards Committee (EEA) – The EEA Committee plans, coordinates, and administers the annual EEA and the judging process.
  • Membership Committee – Recruits new members into ACEC-NH, reviews membership services and develops new services for ACEC-NH members.
  • UNH Committee – Works to enhance the relationship with the University of New Hampshire and the Engineering Consulting Community.
  • Programs and Events Committee – Develops seminars and workshops for business and educational programs.

*The NHDOT CQI Committee has several subcommittees including the NHDOT/ACEC-NH Technical Transfer Conference, Contracts, Bridge and Highway review