in case you missed itACEC-NH has achieved a great deal for our members since the summer of 2017. We have hosted 14 events for member firm staff and lobbied/tracked nearly 70 pieces of legislation via our Government Affairs program. ACEC-NH continues to have many active committees, our Engineering Excellence Awards Program/Competition continues to be very successful, and more of our firms are taking advantage of the ACEC National Benefits such as insurance and the online forums on Human Resources, Finance and IT.


A new focus this year will be our public relations efforts. The recently revamped PR committee has been provided additional funding. The committee is working on several projects, such as improving our website, working more closely with the NH media and expanding community partnerships. The goal of the committee is to enhance the image of the consulting engineer.

Board of Directors

On August 30, the ACEC-NH Board of Directors will conduct a Strategic Planning Session. ACEC-NH has a very strong group of volunteer leaders who provide invaluable support and strategic thinking and direction for our organization. The Board recently passed the torch from Alicia Dunstan to Pete King as President of the organization. Alicia lead ACEC-NH for two successful years and will continue to serve on the Board as immediate past President.
Membership Events

The ACEC-NH Programs and Events Committee has begun work planning our fall and winter event schedule. In addition, the Tech Conference Planning Committee will be kicking off in September.

The Granite Bridge project, HR and Marketing Roundtables and Government Affairs updates are all in the works. If any member firm has an idea for an event for ACEC-NH please email our Executive Director, Alex Koutroubas.

This group had a very successful year of collaboration with this important agency. A planning and organizational meeting was held several months ago. You can view their current list of topics here. The Committee's next meeting is scheduled for September 21.
NH Public Works Association

Most of the NHDOT Committees have continued to meet over the summer. All relevant notes and updates will be sent out to the membership as needed. The next "Partnering Meeting" between ACEC-NH and NHDOT will take place on October 12.
NH Public Works Association

NH Public Works Association
ACEC-NH continues to be well represented by two of our members on the Board of Directors of the NH Public Works Association. You can read the latest news on that organization here. There are many opportunities for networking and partnerships.
Engineering Excellence Awards
It is time to start thinking about your submission for the 2019 EEA Competition. ACEC-NH is in the process of updating materials for the 2019 EEA Program. All submission materials will be sent out and posted on our website after Labor Day. The deadline for submission will be in mid-December. You can view last year's submissions and winners on our website.
Emerging Leaders Committee/ACEC PAC
Emerging Leaders Committee/ACEC PAC
The Emerging Leaders Committee (ELC) is organizing a panel discussion to be held in the fall. This builds off their successful Business Development event held in 2017. Special congratulations to the Emerging Leaders who helped ACEC-NH meet our 2018 fundraising ACEC/PAC goal. We crossed the finish line earlier this month for the first time ever in our history as an organization! National News

ACEC National

Dear Colleagues –
ACEC PresidentJuly was an eventful month for the Council – most notably, the Board approved Linda Bauer Darr as my successor beginning August 6. Engineering Inc. will carry a feature on her in the September/October issue. The Council awarded a $100k Minuteman grant to California to defeat an egregious infrastructure funding repeal measure – part of ACEC’s continuing emphasis on securing infrastructure investment nationwide; and we welcomed House T&I Committee Chairman Shuster’s comprehensive draft infrastructure bill which includes a 15 cent gas tax increase. -Dave Raymond, ACEC President. President’s Monthly Update